About Us


All of us here at Multi-Vendor Expo are committed to do everything we can to provide a premium vendor experience while still keeping our shows accessible  to the "Little Guy".

From our humble beginnings with a 13 vendor show to shows with over 100 vendors, we have come a long way....and have watched our vendors grow and prosper along the way. We strive to improve with every show and to develop new relationships with the honest hardworking people who make up this crazy business!


My Journey with 31 Gifts​

I joined Thirty-One Gifts in October 2012, with 2 months left in my maternity leave.  As I prepared to get ready to go back work I realized I wanted to find a way to be home with my daughter.  That was when I discovered 31 Gifts.  
2 1/2 months was not enough time for me to build up enough of a business to be able to stay home so I returned to my well paying corporate job with benefits, stocks paid vacation and hefty discount on communication services.  I did so with a goal that I would be able to leave it with a new income from my business by Sept 2016.  This would allow me to build up my business, pay off debts and be there for school pageants, soccer games or dance recitals or whatever she is involved with I would be a part of her life.  The amazing products and support from our home office and from my leader allowed me to build a solid customer base and grow an amazing team so I was able to leave my job in June 2014.  
31 Gifts provides for me and my daughter and is allowing us to build an amazing life of memories, that included a recent trip to Walt Disney World this past January.  That was my second major goal and it was an incredible feeling to fulfill both of the goals I had set out. 
2016 is a year of new goals and possibilities for me, and those on my team and those still to join.  2016 will see some major changes in our home.  It is time for a place suited to our unique personalities and needs. 
The Multi Vendor events have been a vital role in my own journey.  The first multi vendor event was only weeks into my own journey and from them I have built many loyal customers, connected with new teammates who took their own chance and joined me and with a shared passion for what can be accomplished when people work together and support each other.  All the vendors have unique experiences and passion.  The knowledge and shared ideas has helped me grow and be a better leader for my team.  
I look forward to each event in 2016 and seeing Katrina & Phil and all my fellow vendors, and of course the wonderful customers! 

Roseanne O'Hagan

Independant Executive Director

31 Gifts Canada